Fleeing the cubical for Adventure!

Edinburgh castle

Documenting my travels through photographs

Our Edinburgh, Scotland trip was amazing! Read more below.

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Seeing to

Voted most likely to be killed by a statue.

The Tower Bridge in London, England December 2016

We took a spur of the moment trip in December of 2016. This is our London portion of the trip!

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Iceland Spring of 2017

3 weeks in Europe part 1

Where are we going next????

Our year of living aimlessly

By land, by foot, and by sea! We are going to explore our country and our world.

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We aren’t going to have kids…this is just a stock photo.

Amazing DESTINATIONS and slow travel

  • Car camping road trip around the US
  • Hiking the Camino del Notre
  • Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  • Trekking through Patagonia
  • Hitchhiking across the South Pacific on a sailboat
  • Travel blogging it all


We Are Experts at doing nothing.

Popocatépetl goes boom!
Bob on Iztaccíhuatl

No matter what occasion or background, we are the best at bringing travel to life.

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