15/7/2019- Day 1 of our road trip adventure.

We got a late start and drove the scenic way (because why the hell not?) to the Great Sand Dunes National park. Weather was good and the mule deer were out. The Sand Dunes were interesting, but not something we needed to spend any real time seeing. Interestingly, the river (small stream for you Easterners) was flowing and many people were playing in the water. More folks were stomping up hundreds of feet of elevation to slide/surf/sandboard down the dunes. We chose to drive 30 minutes down the road to La Blanca’s trailhead to find a campsite for the night. Sleep and a high quality Melvin 2×4 was enjoyed by all. If Melvin Brewing would like to sponsor us, we would love to be ambassadors!!


If anyone is interested in the Honda Fit camper conversion, check here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Ultimate-Road-Trip-Car-Conversion-Honda-Fit/


If you want information on how I did our conversion for the 2009 Honda, let me know.

The Ultimate (on-road) Road Trip Vehicle
Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO
La Blanca campsite
Sunset means bedtime at the first camp

3 Days in Edinburgh, Scotland

We had three wonderful days to wonder around Edinburgh and see the sights. In the evening of day one we toured the Royal Mile and the catacombs. 


Mercat Cross in front of St. Giles’ Cathedral.