Day 11- 25/7/2019    After packing up from our campsite, we headed to Carson City and then on to Reno. We hit the local Trader Joe’s for salad, breakfast food for a few days, and dressing. We managed to make it to Crater Lake National Park where we found that their communication ability is not good. The “information center” didn’t know if there was campsites at either camping locations. They also were kinda rude about it. We drove back and verified that the site was full, so wee only stopped for a few photos of the lake before wee took off to find a campsite outside the park.


We lucked onto a great site up Cinnamon Butte Look Out (road). The mosquitoes got bad as the sun set, but otherwise it was a nice setup. 

Crater Lake National Park 3
Crater Lake National Park 2
Crater Lake National Park
Free campsite on Cinnamon Butte. Crater Lake was full and badly setup to keep track of things.

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