Day 16 – 30/7/2019  We broke camp and headed towards Ross Creek Cedar Grove. We were greeted by flocks of turkeys (young and old) scampering across the road. We walked the 1 mile nature path through the giant cedars and enjoyed the woods to ourselves. 

Laura was able to spot a frog hiding below the surface of a small stream. 


The trees were the same grove I visited as a kid. They seemed fewer, smaller, and more threatened by the people and the world but still magical. 

After our walk in the trees, we headed to Glacier National park (National Park #7 if you are keeping count) for a chance to see bears and waterfalls.  We made the park around 2 PM, but only the nosebleed pay sites were available. We drove 1.5 hours on paved, dirt, and rough dirt roads to get to the campground and see if any sites were left. We got a site, but decided to make an early trek through the park and exit it the next day. The crowds were too much and the park seemed similar to Rocky Mountain NP.

Wild Turkey- You ain’t drinking these cute birds!
There’s nothing but clear views and water for this little frog. It was probably 2-3 inches long.
Laura is sowing how massive a cedar can get.
Quartz Creek Camp in Glacier NP
I do enjoy watching bumble bees.
Blue Berries…if you are brave enough to eat them, let me know if they are safe.
Cool your jets in this surprisingly warm creek.

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