Day 17- 31/7/2019  Glacier National Park and beyond


We got an early start and drove the long bumpy dirt road from Quartz campground to the Road to the Sun. The road was pretty, but narrow. The groups of cyclists kept me on my toes as we ascended towards the views above. The sights were magnificent. We stopped at many of the pull-offs to see what could be seen. Lots of waterfalls, snow fields and glaciers (distant and close), flowers, and rocky mountain faces filled our views. 

We stopped at one short hike to go to a couple of waterfalls and a large lake. No bears were present, but a group of hikers with bear bells walked by. 

We stopped and filled our water jug and got to see two mule deer dart across the road. Soon after, we left the park and started towards Helena in preparation of going to Yellowstone on our way to Cody, WY to visit friends.   Within a couple of miles of the park exit, we came upon (wild?) horses walking in the road. This took 10 minutes or so to convince them to let us go, but made for yet another WTF moment in our trip. We also saw a coyote an hour or so later, but it was too fast for my camera skills. 

We stayed in Helena, MT at a cheap hotel and had a few beers at Lewis and Clark brewery. They have a few good IPAs. 

SIgns…you can read them, but some still ignore them
Flowers were everywhere along the streams
white flower that was in bloom.
river with pretty cascade
You found me!
flowers and rivers
More cascades
Don’t go chasing…
Life and Death in Glacier
Lake McDonald
Curves ahead!
Too wild to care about traffic laws.



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