Day 18- 1/8/2019 ALL THE ANIMALS!!!

We woke up and hit the road around 930 AM. We wanted to visit friends in Cody, but didn’t want to get there annoyingly early. We headed to Yellowstone’s North-East entrance. The animals started early. 

Antelope were waiting just outside the entrance. I snapped a photo as we moved to renew our annual pass.


Elk were waiting with their young by Mammoth Hot Springs. We took some photos of them and the springs before trying to outrun the obvious bad weather coming at us.


A BLACK BEAR CUB!!!!! greeted us a few miles west of Tower Junction. It was only ~100 feet or so from the road, but hard to get a good photo without becoming a meal for its mom.


We saw a few hundred bison after we left Tower Junction heading East. Lots of great shots of them playing in the rain, but the hail started and we decided to get the heck out of there.

Big and little elk
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs… don’t play in the hot water
This storm dumped water and hail on us.
Black Bear Cub, but where is momma?
Hundreds of bison enjoyed the rain and hail. This one had a favorite rock to rub against.

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