Day 19 – 2/8/2019

Devil’s Tower – Mt. Rushmore – Badlands 

After a nice evening in Cody and a great breakfast, we said our goodbyes and hit the road on a sunny Friday morning. Traffic wasn’t too bad, but there seemed to be a bunch of motorcycles… lots of groups of motorcycles.  While filling gas, I asked a motorcyclist a dreaded question… “Is Sturgis this weekend?”. The prompt reply was “Yes! This is the first weekend!!”.


This is the third time we have hit this type of thing. 1- a few years ago, we went to Phoenix and almost made it to the city before a friend mentioned that it was Superbowl weekend. 2- July 19, 2019 (THIS TRIP) we rolled into San Diego and were confused why there was a dearth of hotel rooms and why they were so overpriced. Then we found out Comic Con was on that weekend.  3- Planning to be in South Dakota during the biggest bike rally that I know of in the world.


After some quick plan changes, we point the old Honda at the Badlands and gun it. We made it there hungry and hoping for a campsite, but no luck. We did get to enjoy a big horn sheep (who knew they ranged this far onto the plains?); We took a few photos and drove to White River, SD. The city park/fair grounds had a free campground with power, water, and pit toilets. We cruised into town close to sunset and found only one motorcyclist in the campground, I said hi hoping to offer him a beer in consolation of loosing his sole occupancy status, but he grunted and waved in a manner of ‘screw off’ and not of ‘welcome’ so we drink our beers without him.  We pitched our tent in the well groomed lawn which was dry despite the recent rains and mud in other camp sites we looked at along the way. Yeah! A small win for a not so great day.

Desert Big Horn Sheep
This big horn was wondering around the people and precipices without a care.
The clouds added tot eh Badlands’ natural beauty.
This couple doesn’t know that when you look long into the Abyss, it sometimes looks back.
Painted hills
A nice guy offered to let us both be in a photo for once!

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