Day 23-  6/8/2019 


We woke and went to a Quick Lane (Ford’s answer to Jiffy Lube) on the advice of a fellow beer drinker. The experience was less than stellar. They did at least change out the oil filter, but failed to (at least document and charge us) for synthetic oil. They also were confused on how to reset the oil usage meter… so, I wouldn’t use them again, but Honda had a 5 day backlog and no drop in oil changes. 


From there, we went for breakfast at a small Tunisian coffee shop, the Qahwah House ( ). We had some sweet breads and coffee. It was really good, despite not knowing what to expect. The staff recommend some Arabic restaurants nearby if you are in the area at dinner time. 

Because you probably don’t know where Tunisia is.


After breakfast, we headed for the tunnel. Passports in hand we passed under the Detroit River into Canada. Customs was a breeze, but we had hours of driving before we would make it to our destination for the night. 


The Detroit to Cheaper prescription drugs tunnel! See the light.

We stopped at a diner that server “Dutch” food. This was old school for German food.  We both opted for the wienerschnitzel. It was big, but not nearly as massive as the Germans will hit you with. From there, we continued on to our first major stop Niagra falls and the Minion teleporter.  The falls were pretty, but very built up and commercialized. You could zipline next to the falls, ride a boat into the falls (not over), view the falls from something that looks like a broken bridge. After using our 2 hours of paid parking, we decided to continue on our way to where we hoped to camp.

Behold! Minions returning to their mother ship!


Bridge to no where or world’s highest diving board? You decide
Canadian side
Laura and the ship entering the falls in the background

The drive back was pretty slow, but went easy enough. I made the mistake of directing us into downtown Buffalo, NY at rush hour to find gas.  Not a good idea. 


Back on the road, we make it to the campsite we thought would be good, but it turned out to be a camp full of trash, mud, frogs(!!),  and a sketchy tent. With the recent rains, most places were wet, if not flooded. The forecast was for rain and thunderstorms, so we found a hotel for the night and had a beer.

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