Day 24 – 7/8/2019 


We left the hotel late, since we anticipated a short drive (oops!). It had rained all night and was still raining. We stopped at a gift shop along the road in Vermont and got a 4 pack of HEADYTOPPER!!!!!!! The beer of legends.


After a long drive, we met up with cousin Andrew and his daughter for Mexican food. I ordered a combo plate of chile relleno and tamales. Soon after the margarita was delivered, I was told they were out of tamales, so I opted for just the steak chile relleno. Then the waitstaff told me they were out of chiles rellenos…..WTF! 


After dinner, we checked out Andrew’s apartment.  It was a cool little place built into a converted Junior high school. His place was one of the showers originally. I found no peep holes, so I am guessing it was the boy’s locker room. 


After that, we went to the family house and chatted till late in the night over wine. 

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