Day 26- 9/8/2019


Our cousin went to her job while we did laundry and visited the nearby beach. York Beach ,York, MN has cold water, a small beach, and lots of people. Not bad overall, but not really our thing. We walked up to the Nubble Lighthouse, but stopped at one of the top 10 ice cream shops in the world (so says Jason from Zero to Travel It was good. I had Coffee Oreo and Laura had Java Crunch (chocolate covered espresso beans factored heavily into this decision). 


After we enjoyed our ice cream, we visited the lighthouse. It is cute on the little island (seperated from land by 100’/30 meter or so). 


With the lighthouse seen and the ice cream eaten, we went to say goodbye to our cousin and her boyfriend. We didn’t have long as we needed to make the annoying drive through Boston to Cape Cod to our campsite for the next 2 days. 


The drive was punctuated by getting stuck in the HOV lane for 45 minutes or so due to a stalled bus. Yeah!


The campsite Laura picked seems nice and is conveniently close to a bar with a large list of good IPAs. Last night we tried a couple splashes, (Idle Hands’ – Four Seam and Shovel Town’s – Flyaway). Flyaway won the taste off for the day. 


Dunne’s !!!! Ice Cream Heaven
While the Nubble Lighthouse is often shown in photos, here is me to add scale to this tiny structure.

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  1. York , Maine This may be one of the most visited lighthouses in the … (The Nubble gets decorated for the holidays, … Photo of Nubble Lighthouse – York Beach , …

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