Day 28-  11/8/2019


We left Cape Cod at a leisurely hour. The roads weren’t as plugged as the broken bus in the blocked off HOV lane, but they weren’t light either. We cruised through Connecticut and Rhode Island and Providence Plantation (when we these guys shorten their state’s name to something that fits on a driver’s license?).  We hadn’t taken the “No Tolls” setting off the Google Maps, so the ride was really interesting. Side streets and possible alleyways weren’t the half of it. At one point we were directed (and took!) a road up onto what felt like a sidewalk attached to the outside of a bridge. It WAS a road, but oh hell it felt like a drunken afterthought. (Edit: I think it was the Queensboro bridge. If you look at the Wikipedia photo, you can see the single lane of cars OUTSIDE of the main bridge. WTF NYC?)

Wikipedia photo. Please note the kludged lane on the side of the bridge.


Arriving in NYC at Laura’s aunt was a relief. We kind of twitched and shook for a bit until we relaxed. Then is was to our other cousin’s apartment (she’s living out of state, so we had to be let in). We followed our aunt and cousin #1 to the other cousin’s apartment. This was interesting. Keeping up with our cousin #1 was like inadvertently entering a rally car race. I ran no less than 3 red lights and took our lil’ Honda through its paces to keep cousin #1. I guess living in NYC makes a gal a fast driver. 


We got a shower and situated and then went out to dinner with cousin #1 and Laura’s aunt. Mexican food!! I finally got my tomales. Mmmmmm.

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