Day 29 – 12/8/2019


We woke up and decided to get a New York bagel. I mapped a highly rated bagel shop with Google maps and we set out. It was 1 mile, but hey, better than driving. The first hint I had screwed the pooch was when I turned away from the direction I thought wee were taking. Fast forward 30 – 45 minutes late, we are both agitated to find Google took us the exact opposite direction from EVERY BAGEL SHOP IN NYC. How is that even possible? We settled for a crappy bagel at Dunkin’ Donuts and started back. We stopped and got real bagels when we got closer to the apartment. 


We then wanted to go check out the High Line, which is a converted elevated train track that is now a walkway and art show. Laura didn’t want the stress of riding the bus, so we walked the mile or so to the first train station. We caught the subway to the 14th street station.  The area is busy and interesting.  We headed straight to the High Line after getting me more caffeine in the form of coffee.


The High Line is cool and fun. lots of people to watch and art to check out. The entire project uses reclaimed bits and bops from the old train system with plants and art to make it more pleasant and interesting. 


After a walk, we ate some New York pizza and then headed home. We had an appointment to see Laura’s grandmother and maybe get dinner afterwards with Laura’s aunt and cousin.


Art on 14th Street
Future building
After the fall of man, wee made a cool monument.
Banksy art installation
Name that tree!
Empire State building, Mother Teresa & Gandhi, and quote
This sidewalk has a dry side and a wet side. Fun for the hot days of summer.
Grandma wishes all safe travels.

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