Day 3- Up early for a ranger led tour at Mesa Verde. We bought tickets to tour the Square Tower House way back in May, so we were gambling hard on weather and our ability to make it to Mesa Verde on the right day and time. The tour ended up being impressively staffed- 2 rangers and 1 volunteer. The Square Tower House is a well preserved and unique in design. According to the ranger, only one person modern person has been inside the upper tower. She was able to slide in on a plank, suspended by scaffolding (so touching nothing) and take photos and sketch what she saw.


After the tower hike, we walked 6 miles round trip to the petroglyphs.  After the hike, we cruised on to Farmington, NM to visit friends.



Sunrise in camp
Thunder Moon…when meteorologists get to name every event.
Free campsite
Square Tower House from above
Ranger tours!
Wooden Ladders?
The natives didn’t have ladders. They cut hand/foot holds into the walls
Square Tower House at ground level
Note the Crow’s Nest way up there! The windows look out at neighboring dwellings
Cliff city
Petroglyph Point Hike
Time to climb.

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