Day 33-  16/8/2019 

Air and Space Museum created a symbol that can only stand for Thunder Snow!

We made it to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum! I have been trying to make it here for years. Sadly, about 25% of the building is torn up and/or closed. We did get to wander through several great exhibits.

We started in the navigation section and learned a bit about how ancient seafarers plotted their way around the world. Much different from the techniques I was briefly taught in the Navy, but some old methods are still in use.

Part of the USS Alabama’s BBQ-4 nav system. I guess this has been declassified?

From there, we moved on to  early flight. Looking at the original Wright Brothers air plane was great, but reading about the many difficulties and iterations of the planes and various parts was far more interesting. The tenacity to make bunches of versions and then test them with their own bodies is a commitment that few have.  The only thing they did better was copyright the heck out of their plane and their design. They wouldn’t let others touch or see it until AFTER it had a copyright. 

Wright flyer

 We also got to see one of Amelia Earhart’s airplanes. She had a few. She was a complete bad ass as a flyer.  


Amelia Earhart’s plane. Not the one she was lost in.

2 thoughts on “Day 33 – Air, Space, and Construction

  1. Must have been disappointing not to see the plane Amelia Earhart disappeared in! … I grew up between ages of 5 and 10 in her hometown, Atchison, Kan. The airport there used to hold “Amelia Earhart Days” annually, bringing in vintage aircraft. I flew in a Ford Trimotor once — luckily, it didn’t fall from the sky!

    • Administrator says:

      I think she wanted to keep some things a mystery. The last plane was only for her. I am glad your plan made it all the way back to an airport and not the crash site. Sorry to have missed you on our way through NM. Next time, we will plan better!

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