19/7/2019- We got an early start to try and catch an early bus to the Angel’s Landing trailhead. The first bus was packed so we waited 30 minutes to catch the second. We hiked the 5.4 miles and ~1500 feet (mostly paved) quickly enough. There was a couple with a baby in a front-pack that was going only slightly slower than us. Who would have thought to bring  a baby on a hike with big falls and some third-class sections?

The route was easy if you don’t have an issue with heights. The weather was nice too. We got in with an off duty trail crew that was able to fly through the chains and narrow sections, making the decent quick and low drama. 

After the hike, we rode the bus to the lodge and hiked the Lower Emerald Falls. It is an easy hike filled with people.

With the hikes done, we checked the internet for car routes and decided to drive to near San Diego. The drive was more than 8 hours and the campsite we chose was not good. San Diego was overflowing with Cosplayers and conventioneers going to Comic-Con San Diego. We got one of the last 4-5 rooms in a hotel near our friend’s house and settled in to shower for the first time in days.



Lower Emerald Falls
Palmer’s Penstemon (Penstemon Palmeri)
The Chains to Angel’s Landing show the softness of the rock and strength of stainless steel.
The top of Angel’s Landing
No angels here, but you can find 30 “influencers” per foot if you can see past the selfie-sticks.
little deer on the trail=

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