16/7/2019- On to the Southwest corner of CO! We made it over Wolf Creek Pass without any problems and through Durango. We stopped in Delores, CO to get information about the ruins nearby. We went on to The Great Hiva. The hiva was neat as one could walk and enter the ancient structure. 

Hovenweep National Monument was really interesting.It had free water (good to hikers and  picnicking). I wish we had cooler weather and/or more time to spend here. There are 10 or so structures hidden throughout the small valley. After Hoverweep we went to a hike a park volunteer suggested. Between the two locations, we saw 9 wild horses. Some were wandering across the road. 

We camped at a free campsite near Mesa Verde’s entrance and got to enjoy the “Thunder Moon” (meteorologists really need to take a break on these names). Pictures tomorrow.


A hike in the heat…104 F reminds us of our (bad) hikes in Phoenix. 
A place in the shade. Ancient Pueblans built these little rock shelters. These were about a mile down the trail.
This tiny building may have been used to store food or water. Water drips down the wall of the cliff.
The same structure as above.
A third look at the small rock shelter. 
Clouds appear to come out of the rock chimney.

These two structures appear to be built to withstand a siege.  These are at Hovenweep National Monument. 
How many homes can you find? Another in the small valley at Hovenweep.
Like many of the buildings at Hovenweep, the building in the background needs a long jump , ladder, or a plank to get from the trail to the building.
More buildings at Hovenweep.
Hovenweep. A slightly different perspective.

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